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I hold an Australian ATPL(A), Grade 1 Multi Engine Instructor Rating and Command Instrument Rating (6 renewals). I have been flying for 12 years and in that time I have accrued around 5000 hrs total including approximately 400hrs night. My past experience includes general aviation charter, freight operations and instructing.

I currently work as a First Officer with a regional airline flying Dash 8 aircraft and have accrued over 700hrs on that type.

Despite holding an ATPL, my medical currently restricts me from exercising privileges outside Australian airspace or above CPL level, thereby presently precluding me from obtaining a command position and becoming a Captain.

Throughout my career my colour vision has never affected my ability to operate safely and I regularly fly by day/night and in VMC/IMC without problems.

Another CAD failure and yet..good news from our website

Yesterday I was looking for help for my color vision problems and ended up finding this site. I was very surprised by your statement, since you say that you have the Brazilian license and without restriction. I live in London and I failed the CAD, and now I was thinking in running a pilot course in Brazil but was unsure of how to process the medical examination, and especially the color one. I am not doubting you, but if the test in Brazil continues this way what you said, I also get the chance to have my license issued by ANAC (Brazilian Authority) and without restriction. and like you, I want to go back to Brazil and act in the field of aviation in the country since I am Brazilian and my family is all there. I would not mind to stick around in Europe and get a job as a pilot, but since I am restricted to fly in the skies of Europe, I might perform this function on the land of my birth. Could you give me more information on how it is in Brazil, since I have no one to turn to because I don't know people who have taken the test there. a hug and good luck to you and all colorblind

I got an unrestricted Brazilian licence!

Yes, unbelievable, although in Europe I'm unfit to fly, I can be a pilot in Brazilian airlines with ANY limitations.
Being portuguese its easy for me to speak the language and to migrate but is that what I want? NO!

I'm Portuguese, I want to fly in Europe, where I live and where my family is.
In Brazil, the exam is performed with Ishihara, of course and, if you fail, you get 6 colored paper strips (brown, white, red, pink, strong green, yellow). I've easily passed.

The question is not to prove if you're a Daltonic but weather you're able to perform pilot activities and identify on field colors, not some old-dated 40 years old exams which equipment that they're still paying for.

Brazilian legislation (Portuguese-Brazilian language pdf)

USAF to USN Inter-Service Transfer for Color Vision

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    My story is a long one, but I commissioned into the USAF in May 2009 with a pilot slot and a Flying Class I that I completed at Langley AFB. In September I entered active duty and moved to my pilot training base but in October I was sent to Brooks City Base for Medical Flight Screening and disqualified for color vision. I'm still at the same base and have been fighting to get an exception that would let me into pilot training but it doesn't seem likely to get approved at all. 

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